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Healing Therapies and Reiki

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Experience energy therapies to relax, de-stress and boost your body’s own healing abilities.

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Nutrition and Wellness Seminars

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Attend Nutriheal’s latest food, nutrition and cookery demonstrations.

Join Nutriheal’s corporate nutrition programme.

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About Nutriheal

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Founded by Nutritionist Dora Walsh, Nutriheal provides dietary advice and healthy eating plans. We aim to demonstrate the health promoting power of food and show you how nutrition and diet can help you reach your optimum health. What you eat can really transform the way you feel.

Our clients have enjoyed a range of health benefits from increased vitality and better mood to dramatic improvement of chronic diseases through optimum nutrition. We also offer Reiki healing and energy therapies to relax and sooth emotional stress or energetic blockages. We assess clients individually, providing nutritional advice or energy therapies to coach you back to health.

Consultations and workshops available in London.

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